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Name change?

I'm thinking of changing my shop name. I want something that lets people know what I carry and hopefully they will come in and look around. The problem is that I carry so many different things. Altered Art is the medium that I like, and seem to cater to the most. But I also make jewelry, ACEO's, Bookmarks and I sell vintage too.

Jazzie in the name is cool, I like that. But what else, I don't know.


  1. JazziesJewels? Sounds like you just sell jewels right? Hmmm Maybe you could run a name contest or something?

  2. How about JazziesSweetStuff, or JazziesCreativeFinds, maybe JazziesAtticFull.

    As long as you stay with the team, I can't lose my Jazz!

  3. Thanks Carla. I like the jazzies part too. JazziesCreativeFinds is a possibility. Hmmm.


  4. I like Jazzie too - it's!

  5. Jazziescreativefinds is cute - but it makes me think that you find vintage items or something? I really like the name you have now though...

  6. unless it is all vintage? Then it would be perfect!


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