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One of my items has been made into this 'Work Of Art'

I just love when a shop let's me know what they've made out of something they bought from me. ju3338dig has some awesome products in her shop and she is a pretty special lady as well.

This is the Wire basket that she bought and just look at what she made. I just love it. Please click on her shop and see all the other pretties she has.

Thank you so much Judith.


  1. Oh that is beautiful...Her shop in great...Thanks for telling us about her and the shop...

  2. I wanted to thank you, Linda, for posting my creation on your blog. I would also like to thank those that left comments. They are truly appreciated!

  3. I love the piece that was made from the heart basket and it already sold. :(

    Jazzie, I love your blog and give you a lovely blog award. Visit my blog for the details and to pick up your award to put in your blog!

    By the way, I swiped your click for animals avatar for a click for people on my blog.

  4. Oh, my blog link is


  5. Wow, I got a blog award. Thank you so much. And I'd like everyone to steal the click for animal/hunger/breast cancer and more logo.

  6. I love th basket and your "Furballs"!


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