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My Minds Wandering's

My Minds Wanderings
By LLPorter

Here it is again, that time between waking up and finally getting out of bed. Those moments in time where the mind wanders and wonders about the funny, odd, weird, and ironic things that we, as humans think about.

This morning my mind wandered into the realm of ‘Let’s name that Sports Team’. I remember when Colorado was awarded another pro hockey franchise, we lost the first one. How excited we, as Coloradoans were to finally get another chance at having professional hockey in our state.

Now, here’s the fun part – ‘Name that Team’. We couldn’t use the name of our old team, the Colorado Rockies, because we bestowed that name to our beloved professional baseball team. So we decided to let the fans decide – we’ll think of some names and vote for the most popular.

I can’t remember all the names but the name we decided on was ‘The Colorado Avalanche’. I really liked it. But then here came the complaints. “You can’t name them that, avalanches kill people”. Oh brother!

So now as I’m laying here in bed thinking about all this I start looking at all the pro sports teams with names that can be considered in poor taste and must be changed.

I’ll start with our Colorado teams. The Denver Broncos - Do you know all the people who have been hurt or were killed riding horses? Just won’t do – must be changed. Let’s see, how about the Denver Dudes. Colorado Avalanche now will be called the Colorado Cottonballs.

Dallas Cowboys (gunfights, bar brawls, etc.) will now be called Dallas Dandelions
Cincinnati Bengals (killer cats) – Cincinnati Bunnies
SanFrancisco 49er’s (gold miners, claim jumpers, etc.) – Fiddlers
Detroit Lions (killer cats) – Detroit Lemurs
Chicago Bears (mean furballs) – Chicago Clouds
Tennessee Titans (fighting, war, etc.) – Tennessee Turtles
Arizona Diamondbacks (mean snakes) – Arizona Hognose
New York Jets (plane mishaps) – New York Jesters
Kansas City Chiefs (well, you know) – Kansas City Kittens
Jacksonville Jaguars (more mean cats) – Jacksonville Jellybeans
Washington Redskins – Uh, we won’t go there.

Here are a few suggestions I have for user friendly sports team names. I’m sure if I stayed in bed a bit longer I could come up with a bunch more. But for now the dogs need to go outside and I need to get these thoughts down on paper before I forget my minds wanderings.


  1. Amusing! Cottonballs. There just might be a risk of being a bit too fluffy. You went back a ways down memory lane for me. I still lived in CO when the Rockies moved to NJ and became the Devils.


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